Monday, August 26, 2013

Consequences of leaving things till last minute

So, leaving things till the very last minute has always been my habit. Wanting to change it isn't easy but I'm trying. This is because college and uni doesn't work this way. If I continue with this habit of mine, I won't be able to sleep peacefully every night.

Even though I'm trying, homework won't stop piling just because I'm readjusting myself. That's why there are always tons of undone work, which reflects to a hectic Monday. For example, rushing to complete a work within two days where everyone else used a month.

This isn't easy but...nothing is impossible. 
The word itself says I'm possible!

Toodles~ gotta get back to work. :) 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aloha - hello and goodbye

It has been a REALLY long time since i last updated. That was because i was enrolled in NS and have abandoned blog ever since. I admit, i literally abandoned blogging. However i've decided to reblog again today. hehe xD That is because its a holiday and i am in college alone, having nothing to do.

Its the beginning of second semester in CPU now. Assignments are coming in non stop and a mountain of homework that will never be done. BUT, you still have to start somewhere and eventually, it'll become a flat ground again. Just gotta enjoy the process.

You ugly piece of cute shit. :P 
Ugly or cute? 
Go figure yourself~ 

Mental note to myself :
Hope i will continue blogging. :)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

i don't know how should i feel

I am supposed to be in Perak this day, this hour, this minute, this second. But guess what?! I missed my bus! Ta-dah~

This morning, 9.25am.
Thinking that i only have to be in the Stadium at 11.30am, so i took my own sweet time continue packing and double and triple check to confirm that i've packed everything i needed. Until my mom asked me to call PLKN to re-confirm what is the gathering time. Then, *cheng-cheng-CHENG~* i have to be there at 9.30am!! So i dumped everything into the luggage and back pack then get going.
When we reached there, it's already 10+. All the buses have left. So i called PLKN again and they said there is another bus this saturday to Perak also, just that i would be placed in another camp. Well, what choice do i have. :/

Then my mom dropped me in SJMC so that i could company my grandfather. Then it turned out that the "mistake" wasn't really a mistake. Because my parents, uncles and aunts were busy, none of them can discharge him. So me being the only person available, have to take over. Fortunately, with my help, everything went quite smooth. :D

After discharging, i went to subang parade. Then i helped out in my aunt's boutique shop because she had to send my grandparents home.

Helping in the shop means i have access to internet and i felt really warm after looking at the comments in facebook. Although they are just simple "take care", "come back in one piece", "gonna miss you" and etc, it's as though as they have magical powers! Once again, it really warmed my heart. :)

So in conclusion, missing the bus isn't really that bad after all. ^.~

PS : Despite all those, there is still one person that i am very worried of.
       My DAD! O.O
" owh daddy, please forgive me. "
but no doubt that he wont. <3
but you know those lectures and some scolding are unavoidable. ;)

No matter what, i didnt regret missing that bus! :D

Friday, May 18, 2012


Without themselves knowing, many people are often self sabotaging! They often have the little voice in their head saying things that holds them back from doing something.
initially, i would never dare to post this pic. 
cos of some 'lack-of-confidence'
therefore, from now on. whenever i see this pic,
i'll say to myself. 
It's heaven of a talk this morning by Tr. Erica! :) 

Kay, it's EVENTS DAY tmr! :D 
Gotta go sleep sleep and pray for tmr! 
It would be a really memorable day. I dun wanna get sleepy there. 
I doubt i will! HAHAHA xD

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not slacking.

It's heaven of a week! Although it has been a really busy week but i like it, i lived my week to the fullest~ And not slacking at home! :D
Mr Stenchy(me) and Rueben! :D 
Plus, i manage get to take a pic with Ajahn Brahm! :D 
i mean we~ haha 

Next wednesday (9th of may) is the beginning of my IGCSE Malay exam! Followed by my chinese. 
Jia You! :D ^^

Sunday, March 18, 2012

DOs and Donts.

on the way to Hong Kong. :)

I bet many people are still on9 during this hour. Why? Because it's a friggin holiday?! Like DUH~!!!! HAHA

I've realised that many of the bloggers that i normally read are posting less and less posts. Maybe because it's a hectic year for us? (they are mostly F5s! ;) hah) Even myself! I seldom have the time to go on facebook. The first thing that comes to your mind is most probably because i'm studying, right? HA-HA! NOPE! I'm busy watching HK drama!
I dun even do my school work! This is really terrible ya noe! I'm SLACKING!!!!!!! I really need something/someone to push me! Otherwise i'm gonna fail my 1st term exam, somehow or rather. But that person is definitely not my mom. I'll turn into 'dark-face-god' almost immediately! ><

To understand a 道理 is really easy but to do it is another story!
I know the things that i should do and those that i dont. But why is it that the donts are always the ones that i'm doing?